Trouble in Brandon began high up the mountain, just below Brandon Gap where Route 73 had areas of washout not far from the TOP of the gap.   As the river gained additional flood waters it overflowed the banks in the downtown area and the river damaged downtown roads and buildings.
Not far below the Brandon Gap, above Forrest Dale, washout is already evident on Route 73.
Slightly further towards Forest Dale damage is more extensive.
Still well above Forestdale, Route 73 appears totally washed out, and repairs are already in place 2 days after the flooding.
Just below and slightly north of Forest Dale, part of the river diverts through a cornfield.
By the time the water got to Brandon, the spillway under Route 7 could not handle the volume and water overflowed into the town, damaging buildings and roads.
Repair crews begin reconstructing downtown Brandon.
Just west of Brandon, the floodwaters join the already rising Otter Creek, causing valley flooding typically seen in the spring.