West Bridgewater, Vermont

On the eastern side of Killington Peak, Route 4 was signficantly damaged at the bottom of the hill near Goodrow Lumber.  The main road through "the flats" looked substantially undamaged, but there was signficant damage at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 100 South,  with sections of damage seen on Route 100 between the intersection and Farm and Wilderness Camp.  (I did not fly beyond F & W on this trip.)
Downstream from Killington, Route 4 is severely flooded at the bottom of the hill near Goodrow Lumber.
Large trees and large boulders were washed across the road in this area.
The "flats" (here seen looking back to the west) were likely spared of major damage because of the width of the valley.  The discoloration across the entire valley shows the extent of the floodwaters alongside the road.
Note the contrast between what is now again a tiny little stream compared to the width of the valley floor, which was filled with  rushing water 2 days before.
On the other hand, as the valley narrows in West Bridgewater, water is forced back onto the road and through the town.
Meanwhile, water is also flowing north along Route 100 towards West Bridgewater from an entirely different watershed, adding to the volume of water at the intersection.
There were several sections of road washout between Farm and Wilderness Camp and West Bridgewater.
A large stretch of Route 100 has been filled.  The guardrail remains off to the side.